Carry Even More Cargo With A Roof Rack On Your SUV

SUVs are vehicles designed to offer plenty of cargo space. Sometimes, there are times when you can use a little more space. This is when a roof rack can come in handy. Below is a quick outline on how to set one up on your vehicle.

You will want first to measure the container or box that you plan on putting on your roof. If you use cross-bar luggage holders, then you must be sure that it will fit within the cross bars.

Make sure you select a durable weatherproof box as the box will be exposed to the elements…
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Taking an Affordable Roadtrip

We know that the road is calling your name and we would love to see you head off on a road trip this summer. George Gee Kia Liberty Lake is here to help you understand how you can take a road trip without spending a ton of money.

Before you head off on a road trip, check out the websites for the different cities that you will be visiting. Find information on those websites for free entertainment in the area. Set up a budget before you head off on a road trip and make sure that you do not go…
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Applying Pressure To Stop

When you want to slow down while driving, you depress the brake pedal. Your vehicle could have drum brakes or disc brakes. As you press the pedal, friction is delivered to the wheels and the rotors of the vehicle.

As the friction continues to build, the vehicle begins to slow down to the speed that you need or to a complete stop. Brake fluid is also dispersed to all of the wheels of the vehicle so that each one comes to a stop or slows at the same time. When you take pressure off of the brake pad, then the…

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Best Way to Decide Between All-Weather Floor Mats vs. Carpet

Our staff at George Gee Kia Liberty Lake wanted to help educate drivers as to all the differences in getting new all-weather floor mats or carpeting for their vehicles.

Keeping the flooring in your vehicle can be a tall task when you work at a job where your shoes are usually covered in dirt and mud. The all-weather floor mats are up to the task, however, easily being cleaned by running a hose over each of them. Not only can you keep the inside of the vehicle looking clean, it takes far less time to keep the flooring looking like…
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Are Summer Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

Our team at George Gee Kia Liberty Lake wanted to pass along some important information about your tire selection as the warmer weather gets here. Summer tires are the preferred choice this season because they are superior to all-season tires in the area of handling, cornering, and braking ability.

The all-season tires have several grooves in the tread, the opposite can be said about summer tires. Fewer groves mean the tire tread has more meat to contact the road. More tread improves handling and will allow your vehicle to stop in a shorter distance too.

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What is a Differential and What Does it Do?

The differential works to transfer power from the transmission to the wheels of the car. Depending on your vehicle, there may be one or two differentials at work keeping your ride smooth.

If you begin to hear a grinding noise when steering your vehicle, it could be the fluids in the differential are contaminated or they are low. Either way, the exposed gears working to transfer power are burning and could become a far more costly repair if you ignore the issue for too long.

If you are driving your vehicle often, you are putting a tremendous load on the…
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Importance of the Engine Cooling & Radiator Maintenance Checks

To understand why it is so important to get the cooling system checked on a regular basis, you need to better understand what is actually happening within the system.

The radiator is where the coolant passes to cool off so the temperatures don't get too hot inside the engine block. The wrong radiator cap or the fan not operating correctly, and overheating will occur.

The water pump has to move the engine coolant to the block and radiator, so if the bearings or belts are failing, the entire engine could be compromised.

The thermostat has to regulate the temperatures…
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The Importance of Proper Car Battery Service & Replacement

​The battery in your car is under a tremendous amount of stress these days. Here is why it is important to maintain your car battery.

Unlike decades ago, the car battery today does more than crank over the engine and power on the headlights. The car battery is constantly being drained by USB chargers, digital devices, headlamps, seat warmers, power windows, power locks, and navigation devices. Even after the car is running, the battery is still being utilized to allow you all the comforts and luxuries you've come to expect.

The alternator is supposed to charge the...
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Signs You Should Have Your Brake Pedal Repaired

Every day when you drive, you rely on your brakes to safely bring you to a stop and to keep you and your family safe. That is why we here at George Gee Kia Liberty Lake want to give you two quick tips to recognize when it is time to repair your brake pedal.

First, if you notice your brakes are not as good as normal, you can check the brake lines for air. If air is mixed in with brake fluid, then you may need to press down harder than normal on the brakes. Second, a damaged brake line…
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What Causes the Tire Pressure Indicator to Illuminate?

If the tire pressure sensor detects a change in tire pressure, the indicator lights will go off. Here are a few reasons for the change in pressure.

If something is stuck in the tire, like a nail or a screw, it could cause air to leak out of the tire. Don't try to remove the object, bring the car to George Gee Kia Liberty Lake so they can make the repair properly.

On cold winter days, the outdoor temperature could cause the tire pressure to drop. Usually, this will correct itself when the air temperature warms later in the…
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