At George Gee Kia Spokane, we feel it's critical that our customers have the knowledge to care for their vehicle and we strive to help make them informed vehicle owners. Touching up minor scratches and marks with the use of touch up paint is an important part of these skills as it can be a detailed process.

To begin touching up marks on your vehicle it is critical to have the proper color of touch up paint, this is done not by eyesight but through the vehicle's factory color code. The factory color code can be found in your owner's manual or on the vehicle itself.

Once you have the proper paint for your vehicle the next step is to judge the severity of the scratch as deeper scratches can require more prep work before the repair. All scratches require them to be cleaned and then prepped with 220 grit sand paper; once this is done and dry, for a deeper scratch apply a primer first and let it dry before painting. Now it is finally time to apply the touch up paint and allow the car to sit out of the sun for 24 hours to give the paint time to cure and harden up.

We hope that this has provided the information needed to care for your car and make the proper touch ups. If you have questions or concerns we are happy to have you come down to George Gee Kia Spokane, where we can take care of any issues you have and get you set up with a service on your vehicle if you desire.


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