You've likely heard of people waxing their cars, and maybe you've wondered why they bother to take this extra step. This step is actually pretty useful if you want to protect your vehicle's appearance.

Car wax can be made up of different materials. It can be natural, extracted from a plant or from hydrocarbons, or it can be synthetic. Waxes made from silicones are some of the common synthetic waxes you might come across. In addition to the base material, some solvents or oils are added to make the product softer and spreadable.

What wax does is offer an extra layer of protection for your vehicle. When wax is applied, which we at George Gee Kia Liberty Lake recommend doing a few times a year, it acts as another barrier from dust, water, and UV rays. Importantly, it's a hydrophobic barrier, keeping any moisture from penetrating your paint.



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