At George Gee Kia Liberty Lake, we understand that it's important to find the right car to use for your ride-sharing work. After all, finding the best car for your Uber and Lyft trips can mean the difference between making profit or losing it, making choosing the most efficient car an important part of any driver's process.

When beginning your search for the right car to use on your Uber and Lyft trips, it's important to first consider which size car you want. There are pros and cons to each size of car, but there is a general guideline you can use. The larger the car you have, the more customers you'll be able to transport, but you will also have to pay more in gas fees.

However, cars such as the Kia Sorento are good examples of large, SUV-type cars that also give you good gas mileage. If you're not interested in carrying large groups of passengers, investing in a hybrid such as the Kia Optima Hybrid is worth your time.



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