Before you begin charging your battery, you need to make sure the terminals are clean. If there is a lot of acid that has built up on the terminals, it can sometimes impact the strength of the battery. Avoid touching the battery if you notice any kind of white substance as this would be the acid that is inside. Sandpaper works well in cleaning this substance from the terminals.

Take any cell caps off the battery as well. Examine the fluid level in the battery to determine if it's too low. Remove the negative cable first before removing the positive cable. Avoid touching the cables together as this could cause them to spark with each other. George Gee Kia Liberty Lake can show you where to disconnect the cables so that you don't start a fire or damage the battery.

When the cables from the other vehicle that you're using or the portable charger that you're using are in place, you can begin charging the battery. If possible, let the charger work for several hours so that your battery is fully charged.



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