Our team at George Gee Kia Liberty Lake wanted to pass along some important information about your tire selection as the warmer weather gets here. Summer tires are the preferred choice this season because they are superior to all-season tires in the area of handling, cornering, and braking ability.

The all-season tires have several grooves in the tread, the opposite can be said about summer tires. Fewer groves mean the tire tread has more meat to contact the road. More tread improves handling and will allow your vehicle to stop in a shorter distance too.

The summer tires were manufactured to have a unique tread pattern which also makes driving in warmer weather safer. Water is quickly pushed form the tires to help lessen the chances of hydroplaning.

This is the best time to take a drive to George Gee Kia Liberty Lake and have one of our tire technicians replace your tires with the summer version today.
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