If the tire pressure sensor detects a change in tire pressure, the indicator lights will go off. Here are a few reasons for the change in pressure.

If something is stuck in the tire, like a nail or a screw, it could cause air to leak out of the tire. Don't try to remove the object, bring the car to George Gee Kia Liberty Lake so they can make the repair properly.

On cold winter days, the outdoor temperature could cause the tire pressure to drop. Usually, this will correct itself when the air temperature warms later in the morning.

Inspect the tire for anything that looks out of the ordinary that could cause a drop in pressure. If the tire tread is coming apart from the rest of the tire or there are cracks in the side wall, have the tire checked.

If the lights don't turn off, bring the car to the service center at George Gee Kia Liberty Lake so we can further investigate.
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