When you want to slow down while driving, you depress the brake pedal. Your vehicle could have drum brakes or disc brakes. As you press the pedal, friction is delivered to the wheels and the rotors of the vehicle.

As the friction continues to build, the vehicle begins to slow down to the speed that you need or to a complete stop. Brake fluid is also dispersed to all of the wheels of the vehicle so that each one comes to a stop or slows at the same time. When you take pressure off of the brake pad, then the wheels don't have the same amount of friction, allowing the vehicle to continue moving again.

If you hear any noises or feel any vibrations coming from the brakes, allow the service department at George Gee Kia Liberty Lake to examine your vehicle. We can drive the vehicle and look at the components to determine if there are any issues that need to be repaired before you get back on the road.



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