SUVs are vehicles designed to offer plenty of cargo space. Sometimes, there are times when you can use a little more space. This is when a roof rack can come in handy. Below is a quick outline on how to set one up on your vehicle.

You will want first to measure the container or box that you plan on putting on your roof. If you use cross-bar luggage holders, then you must be sure that it will fit within the cross bars.

Make sure you select a durable weatherproof box as the box will be exposed to the elements outside. It is important to place the box on top of your car first. You do not want to lift heavy boxes all the way to the roof. It can result in strains. Pack the box once it is positioned on the roof.

You should pack the box completely to prevent flapping. Once you are finished with the packing, you should hook any snaps and tighten any buckles. Do a double check, and then you are ready to hit the road.

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