There are many benefits to servicing your engine during the winter. Most auto service experts will say that it’s to extend the life of your car. However, long ago, people believed that getting their oil changed every 3,000 miles meant everything to extending the life of the car. It was important for them to get the most out of their engine during the winter months, and this meant keeping their engine well-lubricated. For example, your pistons run smoothly with clean oil. Now we can go much longer in between oil changes.

If you're not sure, pop your hood, pull your dipstick, and run some of the oil between your fingers to check for cleanliness. There should never been any particles in your engine oil and you should always spot leaks when you've moved your car. Locate our auto service center in Liberty Lake, WA for more information on how to get your oil changed with the professionals. Remember, all oil grades does not work for all cars and a professional can help.

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