To understand why it is so important to get the cooling system checked on a regular basis, you need to better understand what is actually happening within the system.

The radiator is where the coolant passes to cool off so the temperatures don't get too hot inside the engine block. The wrong radiator cap or the fan not operating correctly, and overheating will occur.

The water pump has to move the engine coolant to the block and radiator, so if the bearings or belts are failing, the entire engine could be compromised.

The thermostat has to regulate the temperatures inside the engine, so if it is stuck or failing, it needs to be replaced quickly.

Gaskets, seals, hoses, and belts, all need to be inspected regularly for trouble so the system can operate optimally.

Don't forget to schedule your cooling system check-up today with George Gee Kia Liberty Lake so we can inspect all these important parts.
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